Lovely Ladies

Yes.  A smidge creepy.  And perfect.

These came from Kathy at the M&M.  I had to have all three.  Dealer charge.  Thank you very much.

These are French and German "vanity" dolls.  Sometimes they are attached to a big wire frame "skirt."
I LOVE this ones flaming pink hair!  So unusual.

It's hard to see in these photos, but their eyes are so bright and so are their little red lips!
I adore how they all have a different pose.  Want. More. Now.

Not the best photo but this lovely lady hangs in my studio.  She is a French Boudoir fashion doll.  Her head is made of the same plastery/chalk/porcelain the others are but the rest of her body is blocks of wood linked together with metal loops.  Her hands and one foot (missing one) are carved wood.  Her costume is amazing old silk and net tulle with jewels and metallic trim.  Her eye makeup is so dramatic and daring!  Love. Love. Love.

These two bald beauties are my studio mascots, of sorts.  I found these in an amazing old antique store near Twin Falls, Idaho, out in the middle of East Ankle Scratch, and they called to me.  What's different about these is it doesn't look like any hair was ever attached.  Also, their bodies are all cloth and even have some embroidery on them, that I didn't do.  I think the bodies were made and added much later.  And, the pink bodied ones legs are attached on backwards so her feet face to the back.  Love that.  Yes, I dress these dolls.  Weird.  I know.  But I love little doll stuff so when I found the silver sequin and velvet collar, the silk pale blue cape, brooch from New Orleans, and depression era green dress, they had to be out, on display.  A girls gotta love a doll. 
I love me a doll.
I do, I do.