For the Birds

Tiger Birdhouse

I found this wonderful tiger birdhouse over in Eastern Washington this past weekend.  I thought the use of the old lino cut tiger to make the front piece was pure genius!  And it gives it so much character! 
The tiger was created by carving into a large linoleum block.  To get the print you then roll on ink with a brayer. Then you press it to paper to get the image printed.  Love it when people can figure out how to do lino block printing because I have such a hard time thinking in reverse about where you do and don't want color in your print.  My friend Julie does something like this and she is becoming brilliant at it. 

So there was a nest in it!  And the top had two screws holding it on so I knew I could get it out.  Also, I had an idea for the birdhouse the moment I saw it so I will show you what I did with it below.  First the nest:

A birdhouse shaped nest.  It had a lot of colorful feathers in it and twine too.  Who built it?

Here is the nest out of the house, shaped just like the house!  It was very delicate.

Empty birdhouse.  Ready for roof to go back on.  But not before the next step.

Now here is where the project comes in because it involves me using the power tools!  I have had this old wood, stand, tree, perch thingy, forever.  It's lived on the side of our house waiting for something to be done with/to it for years.  I was told it was originally a perch for big birds.  Some of the limbs must have been longer originally.  Oh, I am just remembering, this came from my dad.  One of his many cool finds that he passes along to me, knowing I will eventually come up with some crafty use for it!  Anyways, you can see it here:

Notice the super cool and very heavy base.  Its all rusted now, which I like.

Back view of house on tree stand

Before I put the roof back on I attached the house to the top of the "tree stand."  First I had to get my saw and cut a limb in the front lower and more even so the house could sit on it.  I added an "L bracket" behind that front limb to help keep the house steady.  Then I screwed in little screws in the back so I could "lace" wire over, under, and around them to hold the house tight to a back limb.  I made sure I balanced the house in three places so you can see it resting on a third limb, on the left in this photo.  It seems really solid so I am happy with it!

close up of tiger birdhouse attached to top of tree stand, with roof  :)

Full view.

This is where the birdhouse tree stand lives for now.  Near my front door.  I doubt a bird will be brave enough to nest this low and close to the house but we use our front door so rarely, they might!  You can see our sand dollar spiral from the sand dollars amassed at Westport.  And you can see my metal work owl in this photo too.  More coming on the owl collection, in near future.

What projects have you been doing lately?  What is being created?  Do share!

Make, Do, Create.  Get inspired, be inspiring, and live life to the fullest!