Friend and Food and Lover

OK all you Seattle foodie folk. Lets talk about FOOD. I have been waiting to post on Bastille and Cantinetta until I could figure out how to link to them. Ta Da!! Silly me, so technologically lame, I thought it would be hard. But I think this mighta worked!
OK, so have you been to Bastille or Cantinetta? Must Go Now! No kiddin, no foolin, no messin around, GO!
My dear darling BFF of almost 20 years, Erin, dined with me at Bastille after we hit the Sandpoint Antique and Design Market way back at the end of January. What a lovely market and what a lovely meal. I will have to create another post on the fabulosity of Sandpoint but right now we are talking about food. Bastille is a francophiles heaven in Ballard. We were there for brunch and we enjoyed it for three hours! Erin had crepes, I had duck confit and we both tried their brunch drinks, Rosemary Lemonade and a French 75. Delicious! It was divine.
More recently, Chad and I had a superb meal at Cantinetta last Wednesday night before seeing the amazing Fred Eaglesmith at the Tractor Tavern. You know when you have the experience of several different people, from different areas of your life, all saying you should check something out, and you finally do and its like the perfect fit? Well that's Cantinetta. Had heard about it from folks all around me and wouldn't you know we were going to the city early on a Wednesday night so we could actually get a table and not wait (they don't take reservations)all night. The food was good, down to earth and tasty. We started with antipasti: mussels with garlic, shallots, bay leaf and Bresaola with miner's lettuce, egg, and lemon. The bresaola is a cured beef and it was wonderful and salty just like I like it! Then I had contorni: Creamed Nettles with ricotta salata and we both had primi: Chad had Tagliatelle bolognese and I had Garganelli with lamb, lemon and farm egg. Nice and lemony, just like I like it! It was a great meal, although quick, but you could sit there, especially at the bar, eating antipasti and glugging drinks, for hours. Sounds divine. Think I will make a point to get back there and do just that. Join me!