Back in Action

OK, so took a long break from blogging and now I am back to finally tell you about the cashmere hand warmers I have been making as of late. Here you will see photos of two pairs. One pair is a darker blue cashmere and they are long, go half way up your arm, and can be worn over or under a shirt or jacket. The other pair is a lighter blue cashmere that already had this gorgeous shell button detail that I took advantage of. They are shorter but you will notice that I used the same vintage blue velvet trim on both pairs. To make these I simply felt down a cashmere sweater and seam rip a hole in the side seam where it seems like I would want my thumb to stick out. Then to reinforce the hole, I zigzag stitch with my machine, or hand stitch with embroidery thread, depending on the look I am going for. I made two other pairs for friends and used vintage ribbon around the open end near the fingers for a decorative detail. I will try to post pictures of those when I can get photos taken. Really, the possibilities are endless. I have yet to find a better use for felted cashmere sleeves! Try some yourself and let me know how it goes!