10 Notices. Nine.

1. i'm apparently not able to make these notices a daily practice like i'd hoped but instead of beat myself up over it, i'm going to show up to it as i can and let that be enough.  thank you. 

2. all the wood for heating my house next winter was delivered and is now stacked in the woodshed. makes me feel like a badassmuthafucker.

3. i'm critical, bossy, demanding, accusatory, and a total basic bitch. it's a problem. gonna get right on it. i want to love myself even more. 

4. Gus and i went today, on Mother's Day, to get tattoos for his 23rd birthday. He got the eagle and i got the candle. Kirsten showed up and Gus took both of us to lunch for mother's day. Which made her tear up, then me tear up. So sweet. So good. and returned home to the gift of a climbing orange colored rose from jasper. swoon. my boys. 

5. Fever Dreams are kinda off the charts right now. like, download central, creative ideas going bananas. so much possibility. but which thread, which to tug on?

6. another olive branch. pleasepleaseplease. nope. what a tool. 

7. keeping our distance, turning inward. creating space for break down and dissonance. leaning toward myself, for myself. i am for myself. i want all of me. 

8. nude sun bath while no one is home, before school is out for the summer. my front deck is falling apart but its one of my favorite spots here. 

9. leaving for Orphan Wisdom School tomorrow, for our third of four gatherings. going in deep, saturated and sublime. i will be a different person on monday. 

10. my first podcast interview with Daphne on The Creativity Habit.  all the feels and lots of healing tears to hear me tell parts of my story. grateful.