An Open Letter to my Forage/Gather Supporters:

hello wonderful supportive you:

i am back from my priestess pilgrimage to the UK and i am recuperating as i type this.  jet-lag and re-entry have taken up most of the week so far.  i had a massage today in hopes of grounding back into my body.  the feeling of floating and buoyancy, as much of a natural high as it can be, does not mesh well with the daily grind of life.  so i look for ways to get present, be here, stay focused and regain productivity.  and too, i am happily arranging and rearranging all the blessed altar embellishments i brought home for myself, much of it the same adornments and trimmings i gathered for you! 

short of retyping it all here, i would ask you to take a peek at my blog post about what i managed to discover about myself, once again, while gallivanting across the land, visiting the sacred holy sites and flitting about, as if gossamer winged, in fae land.  the veil was growing ever thin there, as it is here as well, and it was most righteously noticeable.  you can read my account, i am a pilgrim, here.

i hope and daydream for each of you that one day you go to visit the hallowed and ancient sites of the UK and that you too get to experience the pulse and vitality present there.  the amplified divine left me weeping several times and found me speechless often. i peered into the eye of each priestess among us, when words failed us and our eyes spilled over with salty hot tears. in those hotbeds of truth you get to experience what is beyond the epic.  it was cleansing, reassuring, and solidified my dedication to sisterhood and adventure.  i am still unraveling and deciphering the throbbing secret messages, just for me, that the sea, land, wind, stones, and water offered up. 

in your forage/gather boxes you shall find what might resemble an altar, once you have it all unpacked and arranged just so.  there is a sacred visual narrative theme of natural elements, charms, enchantments and magic woven throughout.  You may find your arrangement is a meaningful and revealing display and not just a random collection of unrelated objects.  as pilgrimage loot, a spellbinding energy may be generated in the way each of the evocative objects interacts with one another.  there becomes a soulful vibration that is greater than the sum of its parts.  i will be curious to see if, after creating an expressive ambiance through altar assemblage, you feel a certain magnetism, a pull, in the creative collection of your pilgrimage treasures. based on my experience, it won’t surprise me if the combination of objects and the visual narrative they evoke disclose a spiritual awareness rather than a specific meaning.  the items chose me and they chose you. i hope you find yourself drawn in, bewitched, ever wonder-filled and craving more!

thank you for trusting me to tune in and essentially take you on this trek with me.  you were there with me as i traversed the Tor in Glastonbury, as i skimmed the stones in Avebury, dug the flint, scouted the chalk, picked the flowers, perused the books, became wind swept in Tintagel, climbed the steps, bent over the Chalice Well, watched the sun set while the mists rolled in, welcomed day break and bird song, tasted the ciders, scoured the flea markets in Bath and London, touched the ruins, shed the tears, and belly laughed while making up songs about sheep shit and practicing my british accent.  thank you for encouraging my journey by supporting my business.  thank you for allowing the seeker, wanderer and adventurer in me to partake in this excursion and settle into pilgrim mode.  thank you for your support, from my deepened tender heart.

i appreciate you.  thank you.