Ask Her

i had the unusual privilege of spending time with a friend last night who i don't get to see very often.  i miss having her in my weekly life but evidence suggests that when i do finally get to be with her, we will deep dive and be satisfied, filled up and nourished. 
we don't mess around.  

its straight to the: what are your fears?  how is the hard work of parenting going?  how are you feeling about intimacy?  what about death, any ideas about that?  have you done any shamanic journeying lately?  how is that working for you?  what have you discovered there?  how are you taking care of yourself?  do you need support in that?  have you declared any new boundaries lately to protect and nurture yourself?  are you keeping your possibility in the pitcher?!  do you want to?  are you willing?  do you have any retreats planned?  what about pilgrimages?  where will you travel?  what do you dream about?  is your partner feeling supported?  are you feeling supported?

you can see the potential for several hours not being near enough time to begin touching the tip of the iceberg.  
i always depart from this goddess feeling like we could spend several more hours and still not scratch the itch.  
do you have these beauties in your life?  who do you trust?  are you willing to get vulnerable, raw, real?  can you share your triumphs and your pains?  joys and sorrows? will you get home from spending some time with her and long for her to be your neighbor, daily on your path?  i wish all my besties were near by or that money were no issue so continuous travel were a reality or that i could just get on my broom and fly.  
if you have sisters in your life that you can ask and be asked the above questions...honor it.  if not, cultivate and create it. we all just want to belong and we have to get vulnerable and trusting to find it.  be yourself.  don't front.  shed the masks.  get real.   word. 

ever feral, ever ambrosial, ever strange LOVE,