Doors & Gates

this is a small sample of the many gorgeous gates and doorways to be seen in the areas of costa rica and panama we were in.
you know i have a thing for doors.
here and here
i even have a pair of tiny door earrings that i made from tiny miniature doorways i found over 20 years ago while treasure hunting in vancouver canada.  way back in the day. 
junker for life.  but that's beside the point.

doors, gates, doorways, gateways:
access, discovery, opportunity, opening, transition, transcendence, a veil between the worlds, mystery, the unknown, enlightenment, surprise.
i sense all that symbolically in doors.
do doors do anything for you?
there are more negative connotations as well but i choose the light-filled ones.
do you have a favorite symbol?
and what does it mean to you?

opening the double, arched, wood frame, french doors of my heart to let in some love, light and gratitude today.
if your heart had a door, what kind would it be?

seeking effervescence,