we harvested our rose buds to make rose chains.

we harvested rose petals to make rose apple cider vinegar, rose honey, and rose water.
to make rose honey and rose vinegar, simply fill a quart jar to the top with rose petals,
and pour in your carrier.
here august is mixing in the honey.
here is rose petals in ACV (apple cider vinegar)
jasper making his rose chain
fresh rose chain hanging in the window

here are a few rose chains dried

these are decorative and will just be draped around to remind us of early summer.

what will you harvest next?  my raspberries and black currants are on.  gotta go pick!

i'll be back soon with many more posts, including one about the amazing World Domination Summit that i attended over the weekend in portland, oregon.  it was a-mazing!

hugs, kisses and berry juice fingers,