Doors & Paint

if you've been around here a while,
you know i have a thing for doors.

last week jasper and i went to visit our dear loves in port townsend and they took us to visit fort worden state park...
where i discovered all these neat doors and cool old paint.

i am such a sucker for a good ol' vintage patina!

i wish every surface of my house looked like this:
aged, worn, old, historical, like it has a story of it's own to tell.
i've checked out all the paint technique books from our local library.  it doesn't seem like you could get it to look this good.
this old.
i'm fascinated with doorways.
always have been.
for me they have a myriad of meaning:
access, exploration, discovery,
opportunity, opening, transition,
transcendence, a veil between the worlds, mystery,
the unknown, surprise, enlightenment.

and colors!
oh how i love these random bits,
not meant to be art but to patch and spackle, here and there
again, i would adore having any of the walls in my house look like any of these old, rusty, random and patched up walls.
i like the touch of pink
could these curious spatters simply be there to cover up unwanted graffiti...
perhaps so, but thank goodness they used random colors, and every one under the rainbow, never any two cover up jobs looking twinish.
love the drab colors too.
does anyone else besides me want the outside of their house to look like this?!  look this good?!

yes, please.  i'll take a random wall niche.

some graffiti that hadn't been covered yet,


this is one of my favorite photos in this set:
doorways and stairways...
don't get me started!

i want hallway walls like this.

fort worden is only one of a million cool places in port townsend to visit.  there are the beaches, the farms, the shops, the food, the friends!  we hope to spend a lot more time exploring PT this summer
and if you ever find my current house deserted upon arrival, come search for me in PT, where you'll likely find me setting up home and splattering paint every which way!

in the spirit of adventure,