Sewing Necklace

i made another necklace out of vintage "fixins and findins" that is "supposed" to be for sale.
i should have never added the CEW charm to it.
i "suppose" it's mine to keep now....
when will i ever be able to let these things go?!
note to self: stop attaching personal items to treasures you want to be able to let go of and sell...
the "sewing necklace" is all you need to do your mending on the run!
do you remember this sweet little needle/pin case i found at cargo in pdx?
the one that doesn't have a loop for attaching...
well i found another!
lucky me!
with a loop!
this one, which is more square, and less rectangular, was scored from my friends Dan and Cindy when they had a space in the antique mall next to Smashing Rubbish.
and it was on sale! 
this lovely little CEW charm is added in fun and really has no useful purpose other than to remind me i love my husband, CEW!
the vintage velvety baby strawberry is the dangle from an old pin cushion and is quite useful as i can sharpen my needles/pins in it!

yes, the awesome scissors are sharp and pointy.

and that extra bit of vintage chain/necklace goodness is also just for the heck of it.
always be prepared.
it will be one of the foremost tenets of the society i am founding, likely to be named: The Not So Secret Society Of Exposed Rough Edges.
or tnsssoere, for short (!)

more on the not secret society soon,