i love wearing this vintage turquoise blue "house dress" with my red goat clogs.
is it wrong to wear a "house dress" out in public?  or to work?!
i just wear a black slip under it so if it gaps open in between the wide set buttons, no one gets a free show!  haha!
you know why i am smiling, right?
yep, because it has pockets...you guessed!
i am so close to the age where i probably won't wear any dress that doesn't have pockets.  just sayin.  does that mean i am getting old? or wise?  a little of both i'd guess?
you can barely see my strand of red jet glass beads.  i should restring these vintage beauties before they bust out all over the floor cuz that would be sad.
wearing that perfect-for-spring vintage plaid rain jacket again.
with a colorful bold stripe and cotton tassel scarf, nonetheless!
be bold friends!
don't be afraid to mix and match!
wear what makes you happy....this is your chance...go bold!
let em stare while you get away with it!
if it makes you feel good, wear it.  whatever it is, put it on.
and shine, shine, shine your brightest you!

currently wearing overalls with paint splatters,