i always look for items on etsy and ebay that have mine or my guys (all three of them) initials on them.
i found this lovely little "steampunk watch chain" on etsy with chad's initials.
i figure i can make it into some cool jewelry for myself. 
i love the fist with lightening bolts.
do you know what the symbol/emblem stands for?
maybe some kind of union/fraternal/brotherhood thing?
i think a little research is in order....

hope you all have a great weekend.
i plan to finish up my interior painting project at home.  i am covering dark grey walls with white "moonrise" so its coat after coat, ya know.  i can not wait to be done, let it cure, and get all my cool art back up on the walls.  just a few walls painted moonrise white can make all the difference in my little world! i will show you results soon.

fare thee well,