it's not like this is a super special outfit or anything.
but it was really comfortable and easy.
i'm wearing a rusty autumn velour floral jacket that i love and have had for ages.  i recently got another very similar to it in nashville but it's in reds and is feathers!  feathers!
these skinny jeans get worn way too much and so do the brown leather clog boots.  but they are so comfy - the boots are like platforms so they just make me tallish and not hurt my feet!

this is one of august's vintage sweater vests that i stole/borrowed.
i love the pattern and the orange and brown colors.
and i love contrasting orange with blue, hence the blue t-shirt. which is a fruit bats concert tee
i get a lot of comments on this belt buckle.
it's a white alabaster ship on a blue background.
i found it digging thru an antique mall in eastern washington and it was $8 so i had to have it to add to my belt buckle collection.
(go figure, she has a belt buckle collection! ha!)
plus, it's a ship. and i am all about the ships folks!
you can see i just wore all the usual suspects: vintage chinese blue glass earrings, bracelet and pendant paired with the beaver and owl necklace. 

have i told you the story about this "set" of vintage blue glass?
it is often mistaken for turquoise.
the earrings were a gift from my brother's girlfriend, jamie.  she found them when she worked at an awesome thrift store in jackson hole, wyoming.  the silver funnel-like cap on the top of the blue glass droplet shape has vintage kingfisher feathers glued to it but only tiny bits remain.
anyhow, jamie gave me the earrings and then within the next year during one of our many get away weekends in portland, chad and i found the pendant.  i was floored.  it matched the earrings exactly, with feather encrusted silver funnel-like cap and all.
and it was $9.
clearly that is a major score!
and then also within the year i found the blue glass bracelet, that matches, at a flea market in seattle.
matchy matchy!
and i wear them all. the. time.

what's in your closet? 
dig to the back and try something you haven't seen in a long while.
how does that feel?
fresh? silly? outdated? totally in?
do tell!

browsing thru a ginormous stack of library books,

p.s. has anyone seen the new hayao miyazaki movie, the secret world of arrietty?  you must!  it's lovely!