i got this little white Libertine shift a couple years ago at target, of all places, when Libertine was the "designer" label of the month, or whatever it is, where the designer pals up with a store and makes a special line for them.  blah, blah, blah....

anyway, i love it but have only worn it a few times because it is short.  i have worn it over jeans and here i am wearing it with grey leggings and clog boots.

the details are the best.  like the pin tucked placket on the front, the tiny rhinestone buttons, the "stripe" of the fabric, and the tiny little pouf sleeve and cuff detail. 
it's cotton and easy.

this time i wore it with those new gold snake earrings i adore. and i tried straightening my hair with a....wait for it.....middle part!  yep.  my bangs are growing out and i have been trying the middle part more and more but the side part is my go to.  and boy oh boy is my hair getting curlier with age.  i know its straight-ish here but if i let it, it is like ringlets!  strange...greying and curling.
and yes, that button covered mirror above is the very same one i made in high school, 20 years ago.  we call it the skinny mirror, just try to guess why.  and it does have all those buttons so it's a keeper!

off treasure hunting with Tif and Marjan,
wish us luck!