Metallic Gold Leather Bag & Pouches

here is the metallic gold leather bag i made from an upcycled and repurposed metallic gold leather skirt i found in nashville!

this photo makes it look more silver but it really is gold.

here is the back side and showing you the attached lining that i took out.

here i am just seam ripping, and seam ripping and seam ripping

here is the skirt inside out, no lining, and waistband detached

and here is another photo of the finished bag!

i made it with short handles, reusing the waistband, so it can hang off my arm or over my shoulder

it's lined with two different vintage fabrics and has a huge inside pocket

i like how in some light it looks more gold or less gold, but always metallic! i'm going to use it for a while. yeah, a new bag for me!

with some of the left over pieces i was able to make a few small zipper pouches!

one has a red zipper and one has a green zipper

both have the same vintage fabric lining shown here and both are for sale!

these would make adorable gifts!

get them while they last!

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