The Listeners & These Train Tracks

our friends, Breathe Owl Breathe, sent us their new hard bound children's book back in September!

one side is the story/song The Listeners (or The Mole & The Ostrich).

see the paper band going around the book?  the inside of it is printed with the names (including ours!) of all the folks who supported this book project, at a certain level on their kickstarter campaign, Something for the Kidz, so that the book could get made. 

remember this post?
it's about Breathe Owl Breathe playing an amazing outdoor show, on our backyard stage, because of the support we gave them, through kickstarter, for this particular book project they were trying to raise funds for.

the other side is the story/song, These Train Tracks!

yeah, so, since we contributed at the top level, we got to have a house concert, a sleepover, handmade screenprinted capes, the book, and other perks as well!  It's one of the best investments we have ever made!  And it's an investment we have got the best return on!

please support artists you love!  and if they have a kickstarter campaign going, support it however you can!  our friends needed our help and we were more than happy to oblige!  we feel we got the best deal of all and feel so fortunate to have been able to share the love with our local friends too when they got to see Breathe Owl Breathe, live, in our backyard! 
So now it's time for you to buy this book
You will get more than you give!
and don't wait!  it is a limited edition!

two awesome story/songs in one gorgeous little book!

all the prints in the book are from original woodcuts carved by our friend Micah Middaugh, who wrote and illustrated both stories.

these are some of my favorite pages from The Listeners.

and these are some of my favorite pages from These Train Tracks

and it is not just a book you will have,

in your hands,

when you order your own copy.

you'll have a 7 inch record too!

with a story/song on each side!

that's right!   this sweet little book comes with lovely story/song to read, beautiful art to gaze upon and adore, and vinyl to listen to so the good message comes through loud and clear!   lucky us!!

i don't want to give too much away because it's truly such a treat to have your own experience with the book, music, stories and songs.

did you listen to books on album when you were young?  we did.  there would always be a ding or a bell sound, so you would know when to turn the page.  the album for this book doesn't do that because it's songs really, not a spoken story, that you will be enchanted by when listening.  you will love it!

buy the book here!

wrapping, wrapping, wrapping,


p.s. i am looking into getting a few copies to have for sale here at Smashing Rubbish so check in with me if you are interested!