saw these old bee skeps at Anthropologie over the weekend and love them.  wish i could add them to my personal collection!
i was there to buy this stack of salad plates:
which i love a whole lot!
and i left with 2 new dresses, a pair of shoes and a magazine too!

chad helped me bottle my honey on friday night.
this is a honey hand!
here are some more pix from this endeavor:
pouring honey into the honey heater and dispenser.  you fill the walls of this amazing galvanized homemade device with hot water and then pour your honey in the middle and it makes it just warm enough to easily pour thru the attached spout.  brilliant!
thanks Jim for the loaner!
it was so exciting to bottle our knotweed honey!  we cant wait to do it again next year and are hoping to have twice as much! 
there are two reasons i became a beekeeper.  one was that i had a huge fear of bees and being stung so i got a bug in my britches and decided it was time to conquer that fear.  hello fear, aaaand, goodbye!
and two, i wanted my own bees to make my own honey to use in my own elderberry mead making and for my preserves i put up each summer.  i wild harvest my elderberries and make all my own jams and i wanted my own honey to use.  this batch isn't enough to use for either mead or preserves but it is great in tea and on toast! 
thank you bees!

i found my dream work table on saturday morning!
this photo doesn't do it justice but its the perfect height, is on wheels and i can put a shelf across the bottom if i want.  its almost exactly what i had envisioned!

so it's monday and i got new tires on my car.  also found out i have a leak in my radiator.   oh well.  not getting a lot done in the studio today.  gotta go pick up J soon to take him to his art class.  i want to remind those of you who are still reading that the shop will be closed the day before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving day but will be open friday-sunday after Thanksgiving.  kathy will be here to take care of you!  whew!

i will try to get photos up of the new treasures i found this weekend that are now for sale in the shop.  and i will be working on getting out all the holiday/christmas/solstice decorations before i leave for thanksgiving weekend. 
shop local and support your communities brick and mortar shops this season!
we need you!

working on a metallic gold leather bag,