To Wear

there are many new items in the shop, to wear, for sale!
like the beaded pouch above that is being put on a chain to wear around your neck!

i just pulled these vintage heels out of my personal collection.
they are too big for me anyhow so they are bigger than 7.5 or 8

this gorgeous beaded silk crepe dress found it's way back from Nashville in my suitcase!   it is really lovely!

these fantastic little vintage lace up heels are to die for.  if you don't come buy them soon i may need to take them home!

here is another stunning beaded silk crepe dress i brought back from Nashville.   i just adore it so much!  if it doesn't sell soon i will wear it for my birthday!  the goddess Kelley Rush has a crush on this one!  and really, it has your name all over it!!

you know you want these fringe boots! 

i also brought these little vintage velvet Sunday shorts back from Nashville!  if these don't sell soon they will be made into a bag!

i did not bring these back from Nashville but every girl should have a great pair, or two, of cowboy boots!

i am such a sucker for vintage velvet! this vest would be great for a holiday outfit!

this boho skirt has mirrors and a great look and colors!

this sweet embroidered shift would fit a small person or lucky kid!

if it sparkles, glitters, or shines, i want it!
i brought this cork back pin home with me from Nashville.  it would be great as a hair clip too!

i found this vintage shirt, with deer and birch trees, in Nashville.  i wore it once and am ready to pass it on!

last but not at all least, these vintage swim trunks came straight from Nashville too! 
Are they not the cutest thing ever?! 
would look so great hanging in a beach or sea inspired bathroom!

i'm in eastern washington enjoying some quiet down time with my family.  the shop is open and full of unique gifts if you are trying to get your holiday shopping done.  we have some lovely soaps, plants and candle holders that i myself would be delighted to receive!  come and get em!

preparing to watch a favorite movie, The Royal Tenenbaums, for the 2nd time this week!,