New Boots- Sorta

altered rain boots!

found these old Helly Hanson rubber boots at a tag sale recently.
loved the orangey brown and yellow.
but the rubber was so vintage that it had started to crack down the back.
can't have cracked rubber y'all!
so i took my trusty heavy duty scissors to them and did away with the top cracked part.

hmmmmmm....what to do with some short rubber hacked up boots?
add fabric trim.
of course!
i had, in my massive stash of fabric, textiles and scraps, some cashmere and silk.
who wouldn't want to pair rubber with the finest of natural fibers?!
my most excellent and awesome new industrial sewing machine was able to help me get the majority of the fabric attached to the rubber.
but because of the shank in the boots foot bed, i was not able to bend it in a way that allowed me to sew entirely around the top cut edge of the boot.
no worries!
fabric glue to the rescue!
i found, also in my massive stash of trims, ribbons and bindings, this perfect green bias tape.

add a little glue, get out your paper clips(!), and get to work!

i love how these turned out!

my "new" luxurious winter rain boots!

what are y'all repurposing, altering, upcycling these days?
do tell!

rearranging Smashing Rubbish World Headquarters for the umpteenth time this week,
it's a good thing!,