i LOVE old ephemera!

i found this ancient ledger in Bisbee, AZ.

look at the gorgeous marbled paper

and the beautiful, elegant, careful hand writing

nibs dipped in an ink bottle

dating from 1881

it appears to be lists of names with credits and charges

who sent money where, to whom and when?

could not find and identifying city, company or author to investigate.  was hoping, but no luck. 

i have a lot of ephemera in worse shape than this that i use in art projects but i am not sure if i can bring myself to take this one apart. 

perhaps i will make copies of the pages i want to use and leave the ledger in tact.

if you ever find or have old ephemera you need to be rid of, i'm your girl!

drinking unsweetened iced green tea with my usual two scoops of matcha,