Becoming 16

Gus longboarding in Chelan last summer.

this one.  this kid o' mine.  August.  he is turning 16 today.  big day, i tell ya.  those of you who know him.....can you believe it?!  because i can hardly believe it. and i gave birth to him!
how did this happen, that he is 16??!!

us in Chelan last summer during a storm.

it kills me that he is turning 16, that i only "have" him for two more years. 
akkk!  i hate that! 

but it gets me thinking about what a fantastic gift it is to be his mom.

catching fish on lake roesigner, at jeremy and kirsten's, 4th of july.

it's a pleasure to help guide this child o' mine as he finds his way through the big, big world. 

waiting for the ferry to Lopez Island to hang out with the Kvistad's.

even though it can be an intimidating and messy task, this raising kids business.

listening to music at the woods stage, Pickathon 2010

the figuring out when to offer counsel, direction, assistance, and advice
dinner at Six Arms before the Head and the Heart and Vampire Weekend concert.

the knowing when to dive in and advocate for them without being in defensive mama bear mode,

trying on a full length fur coat at the thrift store to crack me up!

and when to put on the brakes, back off, trust in all you have offered and exposed them too, and let them discover their own path,

stylin in a vintage plaid jacket, denim shirt and silk tie

even, and foremost, when it means allowing them to flail, falter and find their own two feet.

carving pumpkins with the family.

but really this boy of mine has transformed me, changed me,
nudged me gently and willingly into motherhood,

August with his cousin Jack at Thanksgiving.

altered me,

cracking me up, being a total goof ball!

made my world more deep and meaningful than i ever thought it could be.

trying on an awesome vintage sweater that his great grandma knit for his uncle almost 40 years ago!

he is amazing.  August, you are awesome!

whale and bird watching near Sayulita, Mexico

you are more than worth the worry, stress and sleeplessness!

after a day of surfing, la lancha, mexico.

you are my sunshine.

playing nightly guitar.

you are an amazing artist and musician.

massive comic collection (self portrait!)

you are smart, silly, and thoughtful.

asleep in the car from Tombstone to Tucson.

you are a loving and influential big brother!

new vintage shirt, tucson

you can do anything.

birding in Sabino Canyon

you are golden, my son.
my boy-man.
my love.

Happy 16th Birthday August!

I love you to the universe and back!