Vintage Sewing Cards

by Hazel

what do y'all know about these sewing cards?

the back

how old do you think they are?


i have had some before that seemed just as old.

bear, back

I found these on Etsy but they are very cutesy...

mine seem older...


are they mid-century?

fish, back

could they be turn of the last century?


could they be Edwardian?

crown, back

could they be Victorian?


i wonder how old Hazel was when she did these.

candle, back

did her mom help her?

bird house

or her big sister?

birdhouse, back

did she make them in school?


or by a cozy fire at home?

fishing, back

did you ever have sewing cards?

fish bucket

i don't remember having sewing cards.

fish bucket, back

i'm just curious.


i just wonder.

girl, back


working on some vintage tapestry bags when i have time to sew.  but mostly working in the yard to get it ready for our big music-fest birthday party in June.  we had a stage built!  and the gardens are starting to look fabulous.  finally.