February Finds

the studio mascots got new hats!  found these very small vintage party hats at second saturdayz

this is the second one of these i have found.  this one at ruffles and rust.  the other one is a much brighter blue.  and it's for sale down at the mall.  but i will be turning this one into a pin cushion.  stay tuned and i will show you the results soon....
the little lame prince and his traveling cloak

also from ruffles and rust.  it had such great picture plates i couldn't resist

just found this at ruffles and rust too.

already had this similar one and had to show ya!

found this at second saturdayz.  i definitely have a thing for little pouches/purses/wallets, especially leather or beaded!  i'll try to get a post together of all the ones in my possession to show you soon!

yes.  this is a velvet painting.  i know.  you think it's strange.  but i LOVE this!  i found it at goodwill.  it was marked over $20.  i asked to speak to the manager and pointed out its slight and minimal flaws to her, asking if it could be reduced in price.  of course, she said, how about $10?  Sold!

this is a nice old piece of oak that used to have "scrolly" decorative wood pieces attached to it.  i love how you can see where the pieces were.  it gives it a cool patina/look.

i will most likely incorporate this piece into a "crazy quilt" headboard i am working on for our king size bed, incorporating the east coast blue shutters i found last summer and incorporating a few other pieces of found wood.  i'll show you if/when i ever get around to completing it!

another old doll to embroider.  my sister in law Jamie found me this one.

another vintage velvet box.  this one blue.  more on the velvet box collection coming soon!

i have been looking for one of these forever for our vintage 1961 Fireball travel trailer.  yes, ours is a travel trailer, not a mobile home, technically, but the decal on the plate looks so similar to our little Fireball!  so i am trying to decide if i will go all out ghetto and cross out "mobile home" with a Sharpie and write in Travel Trailer, or not!

a vintage camera strap!!!!  Love!!!

this $3 necklace from the thrift bought for the tigers eye beads.  i have been a Complete FREAK lately over tigers eye!  Swoon!

a perfectly green hull coffee mug.  maybe for the Fireball...

i think that might be just about it for February Finds.  i did get some new fabrics that i will be making stuff with but i'll show you those when they become something :)

folding fabrics and finding storage,
(wish me luck!)