Homemade Deodorant

yes, this is a very blurry picture of Sheina and i, but i still love it!

that's her.  that's the girl.  the dark haired beauty who mailed me one of the best packages i have ever received.  and it was simple, mind you.  the package, that is.  just a jar and a recipe.  nothin to it.  cept it changed my life!

so i have a nasty little secret that i am about to confess to the entire world right now.  here goes....


i get the worst b.o.!  it' so gross.  like, so so so gross.

and yes, of course, i have tried everything.  i stopped drinking my beloved, life-giving, delicious yet sweat-inducing coffee.  nope.  didn't help. 
i stopped eating so many allium family members, like the copious amounts or garlic and onions and shallots and leeks and scallions and chives i consume EVERY DAY.  nope.  didn't help either. 
i tried men's deodorant, toxic stuff and all the hippie stuff i could get my hands on.  to no avail.  i still had an underarm that will knock. you. down. 
the musty, dirty, stank was unbearable to me so i can only imagine what my dear family and friends thought. and strangers too.  poor people.  i was always apologizing and making excuses for the foul aroma wafting from my pits.  nasty.  just plain nasty, i tell ya.

unassuming white jar

and then low-and-behold, straight from Montreal to snohomish county, came this lovely little jar of perfection.  Sheina had told me she made homemade deodorant.  i told her i would love to try some, explaining to her all that i outlined above, and asked her to at least send me the recipe. 
I have seen Amy talk about her recipe here and now that i take a closer look, it's pretty much the exact same as the one Sheina sent me.  But Amy talks about adding essential oil, which i think is brilliant, since i lather up with scented oil every day anyhow.  the more the merrier! 
anywho, back to the recipe.  here is a photo of sweet Sheina's:

i think y'all can read the recipe so i wont retype it here.  i am telling you though.  if you have the outrageous stank, this is for you!  or even if you already smell like roses, you could still make your own non-toxic deodorant by following the recipe above.  you won't have to be rubbing those nasty chemicals in commercial deodorant all up under your arm pits! 
extra large roll-up tube stick thingy
and i had a thought.  i will be making some more for myself soon, adding the essential oils i already use every day.  and i will need to buy some containers.  when i made salve i used some of those super-duper big roll-up chap-stick or lip-gloss containers to hold the salve because rolling the salve up makes it easy to apply and you don't have to dig into a container with your fingers and nails to get what you need.  way less messy.

 so i'm thinking i want to try to put my deodorant in these extra large roll-up tubes!  the deodorant is a little stiff but it warms and melts in the heat of your pit so it will glide on.  and i could always run it under hot water with the cap on before i use it to get it to roll up if its being stubborn.  this way i wont have to dig my nails into the somewhat stiff and crumbly, but also very lovely and wonderful, homemade deodorant.

i'm trying to show you how big these are.  i should have taken a photo with a small one next to it so you could really see how much bigger this is than a usual size chap-stick tube.

so i will report back once i make my own batch.  i would have never thought that homemade deodorant could be so darn effective and easy!  i didn't even try using it for a few days after receiving it because i didn't think it would even come close to working, since nothing else has. 

boy howdy, do i owe a huge and full hearted thank you to my Sheina!  Thanks Love!  You made the start of 2011 just a wee bit brighter and quite a bit less stinky!  I am full of gratitude for  homemade deodorant and a sweet friend who sent it from one country to another to get it up under my stinky pits!  You are da bomb Sheina!  Love Love Love You!

Smelling sweet and not so nasty,