Mexico Finds

Hi y'all!  Here to share some favorite finds from my two weeks in Sayulita, Mexico.  I will save the "art" for another post!
Above you can see the "Viva Mexico" detail from an awesome hand embroidered and appliqued apron I found.

Love this basket weave plastic tote!  These are made by prisoners in Guadalajara and a shop in Sayulita sells them.  The felt flower was attached.  See below:

Had to get a Luchador guy and patches!

Check out this amber ring set in metallic knotted thread!  There is a TON of this type of jewelery in Sayulita.  There are markets every week and all the awesome hippies come and sell their wares.  I asked a lot of questions about this process and with my very limited Spanish I could understand that this is not knit or crochet but actual knots.  Like macrame, I guess?  It amazes me, the detail and miniature scale.  I will buy a lot more 'knotted' jewelery next time!

Here are two different view of the same amazing and huge amethyst crystal pendant I scored at the market in Sayulita.  There were no others like it and it called my name as I walked by.  I couldn't pass it up!
Here are two pin/buttons from a local Sayulita artist.  I especially love the whale one since I got to see several whales, very close up, in the wild, for the first time ever, while boating in the Banderas Bay.  It was life changing.  Totally AMAZING!

I had to get a beer cozy for my Pacifico's! One more!

A Hula Hooping Luchador t-shirt for August

Euphemio and Emiliano Zapata Salazar t-shirt for Jasper.
Both t-shirts above are from this shop, Revolucion Del Sueno, in Sayulita.  The Dream Revolution is about having your feet on the earth and your head in the stars.  Everything they produce is offered in limited quantities and when its gone, its gone.  In the two weeks we were in Sayulita I saw them sell out of many items I had my eye on. It's a must visit place if you are ever in Sayulita.

And this is on the t-shirt I bought for myself.  Oh boy, do I ever hope to refill as needed! 
Miss you Mexico.
Miss you sun.
Miss you heat.
Miss you warm ocean.
Miss you whales, whales, and more whales.
Love, love, love.