Huichol Art and Alter

these are the Huichol Yarn Paintings i bought in Sayulita.  These dull photos do not do them justice as they are bright, vibrant and wonderful in person.  the Huichol are an indigenous ethnic group of western central Mexico.

"The Shaman are running together to dialogue about a giant serpent.  The largest they have ever seen.  They are singing to him and trying to learn from his power."
"These Shaman are gathered together in the sacred place of the Gods.  They come together singing and praying to hear the voices of the Gods.  To learn to live and know the teachings."

these yarn paintings are made from dreams and visions and there is nothing predrawn or illustrated.  they apply beeswax to a wood board or surface and just begin by pushing the yarn into the beeswax and creating designs.  it's amazing to watch, see and behold.

this is a Huichol beaded belt that is one of a kind.  i went to visit it every day for almost two weeks and then decided to spend my birthday money on it.  i LOVE it!  there was nothing else like this in town and i just adore the work, talent and time that went into it.  to me, it is amazing.  a million tiny seed beads.

this is a small painting by the same Huichol artist who made the belt.  i love the painting because although that is supposed to be a candle she is holding in one hand, i think it looks like a giant crystal, and when I finally bought the beaded belt, he gave me this painting too.

these are the beaded Huichol bracelets i got.  the Huichol religion consists of four principle deities, the trinity of corn, blue deer, and peyote, and the eagle.  all are represented in the bracelets above.  i am fascinated by Huichol myth, their traditional beliefs and and how they are resistant to change.  follow the link above to learn more.

and last but not least is the lovely alter i set up to hang on to a little bit of sunshine, beach, vacation and Sayulita, Mexico.  most of this is items we brought back and a lot of what you cant really see is the many many shells, beach glass, and broken but smooth tile pieces we collected on the beaches.  best beach collecting ever!

i miss you beach
i miss you warm ocean
i miss you whales
i miss you heat
i miss you sun

xoxo - jennette, sitting near a bright window, in smashing rubbish world headquarters :)