All of our bones made it back from Sayulita, safe and sound.

It has been a very slow reentry into the daily grind but I'm getting there.  Surprisingly, taking long runs in the cold, dark, wet rain has helped to loosen the heartache of leaving behind two glorious, hot, sun drenched, dry, bright and lovely weeks in Sayulita.  Who knew?!

As I get back to crafting and opening my Etsy shop, I will keep you posted on works in progress, shop updates, new finds, etc.  I will also be posting a lot of photos from our trip here so they don't get lost in the abyss and so that I have a record of our time and can remember what it was like, what we did, when, etc.  It's important to me to document it here as I do not keep family scrap books and I suck at printing pictures and filling up photo albums.  So bare with me.  I'll try to mix it up and I hope it doesn't get too boring!