December Finds

Some new Kilim pillows.

Another lovely carved shell dish that goes well with this one I scored awhile back:

This one, which I've had a few months now, is very old, has gold trim and is just lovely to me.  You cant see it here but the inner shell pink color contrasting with the muted gold trim patina is just so awesome!

More Dec. finds:  5 vintage arrows with various fletching and colors.  Love!

This gorgeous, full size, wool paisley shawl was scored for $16 at Apple Annies!  Yes, you read that right, $16!  Total score!
It is not in perfect condition but pretty darn close and if you know anything about these, you know what they are worth and how excited I must be!  My lovely Auntie Karen collects these but hers are all in PERFECT condition so I may end up making her something out of this one if I can bring myself to take scissors to it!  we shall see...

Sorry to be so late with some December 2010 finds but better late than never, i suppose.

jennette, at smashing rubbish headquarters