Lucha Libre & KEXP Dance Party

The Wizard, Nacho Libre and The Butterfly Fairy!

Here is the costumed crew, in Ballard, during the KEXP dance party at The Tractor.  After brunch at Hatties Hat, we wondered up to Cupcake Royale for free baby cakes, live music and a stop at La Tienda to buy this years skeletal figure for our Dia de los Muertos alter.

Here is the Lucha Libre figure we picked out.  It was a toss up between him and the strong man holding the barbell!
Here is the unembellished Nacho Libre mask. I couldn't leave it as-is.  It needed embellishment!  So I traced the red part, made a pattern, and cut out red felt to overlay.

Once I had this cut out, I used bright yellow embroidery thread to stitch the red felt to the mask, trying to make it look like the mask in the movie, Nacho Libre.
The mask, after embellishment.  See?  Much better!
Chad, I mean Nacho, with the mask on!

A view with the cape on.  The "cape" is actually a skirt of quilted blue corduroy on the "right" side and red satin on the "inside."  Reversed with the red side out made for the perfect Nacho cape and the contrasting blue matched perfectly as well. 
Long live Nacho Libre!

The KEXP kids dance party that we took Jasper and his friend Rowan to was super fun!  Here is my wizard and our friend the butterfly fairy eating their first Cupcake Royale baby cake of the day, waiting in line to get in to dance!

It was a bit difficult to get a good photo of all the cool decorations around the Tractor.  The Adventure School had provided all the decorations and art activities and they did a great job!

Spooky paper plate and corn kernel noisemaker!

Look at this little garden gnome!!!  His handmade/homemade costume was one of the best there!  Loved it!
Brunch at Hatties was delicious and fun.  We played hangman and tic-tac-toe while we waited.  It was fun people watching since so many folks were dressed up!

The Wizard and the Butterfly Fairy, skipping and running through the Ballard Farmers Market.  It was such a gorgeous day in Seattle and we were happy to have a chance to be outdoors in between "sets" at the Tractor.  We made our way toward the live music in front of Cupcake Royale and La Tienda.

The Wizard attempting to stop traffic with his magic wand!

Music to eat your cupcakes by and purchase your Dia de los Muertos accessories too!  Lovely!

Back at The Tractor for more dancing and activities.  The kids decided to try the spin art since there was no line.  This was a very cool set up!  When the girl on the bicycle peddled, the disk inside the tray attached to the back, spun, and then the kids dripped paint in to make spin art!  Did you ever do this as a kid, perhaps at the fair?!  I have never seen this done with a bicycle before!  So cool!

Jasper's Spin Art.

So, we had a great Halloween!  Hope you all had a safe and sane weekend.  Ours was busy, full and satisfying.  After the dance party we grabbed the teenager and went to Rowan's house for dinner and trick-or-treating.  Chad wore the Nacho costume and got lots of laughs and comments for it.  He was even given a full size candy bar for his efforts!  Lucky Nacho! 
Now on to celebrate El Dia de los Muertos tomorrow night before the Head and the Heart show!  Tomorrow is our 13th annual Tamale Making Day.   We try to make enough to freeze a lot so we have them to eat on our major holidays or other seasonal celebrations.  We will feast on them tomorrow night and make a dish for our beloved dead as an offering.  I think venison and bacon tamales are on the menu for this year!  November 2nd is always fun but emotional, and well worth it over here!  I hope you find a few moments to think of your beloved dead and send them a peaceful prayer.  Blessed be and a festive Dia de los Muertos to you and yours!