Placemat and Snack Bags

Here is Jasper working on his lunch placemat for school.

This year the teachers at Jasper's school requested that each child bring a cloth napkin or placemat to use for setting out their lunch on each day.  A placemat helps define their space so they aren't sprawled out all over and it makes messes easier to clean up as well.
Jasper got it in his mind to make his own placemat.
He has been wanting to sew on my machine for a while now and this seemed like the perfect starter project since it was pretty much a few straight lines.

Here he is turning the placemat right sides out, after leaving a small opening to pull the fabric through.  We applied fusible interfacing to the wrong side of both pieces of fabric to give it some structure and heft.

Here Jasper is pushing the corners out, really well, before he finishes it by top stitching.  He choose the fabrics to go with his lunch cooler and the messenger bag I made him last school year.

Messenger bag with underwater shipwreck sea print.

Finishing the topstitching on his matching placemat.

The red and white checked fabric came from a HUGE Ikea duvet cover.  Jasper loves to have picnics and this fabric reminded him of picnic fabric so he wanted it for one side of his placemat.  I used both fabrics plus an apple print one to make him some fabric snack bags:

These snacks bags are so super easy to make and they are so handy to have around.  I did line mine, just to give them a little more structure but you don't have to and most tutorials out there don't call for them to be lined.  I didn't use a tutorial, I just winged it, but I know Amy has a video one that is pretty good.
Jasper has been packing all his bulk snacks and cut apples and carrot sticks in these.  We haven't even had to wash them yet but we will when they need it.  I love having these to use over and over instead of plastic baggies that just get thrown away every time. 

In other news: I have been rearranging my studio and thus, the house, so things are in a bit of disarray here at the moment.  But I was inspired to move my sewing desk in front of the big picture window for both more light and a great view for this coming winter.  Also, I had to make room to bring in my potted banana tree, potted fig tree and potted blood orange tree.  I am determined to help them live through the winter this time!  I am loving how all this rearranging is coming along so I will try to share some photos with you soon.  I am also preparing to host Maurisa's Mother Blessing this coming Saturday so I will be busy, busy all week.  I may not have a post every week day, this week, but I will try to be in touch!
It's almost hump day!