The Head and the Heart - Down in the Valley (Live at the Mural)

  Here is a mellow version of this song from when they did a free show at the Mural in Seattle.  I was not at this show but I did get to see them busking at The No Depression Music Festival this summer and they just opened for Vampire Weekend which I took Gus to see last week.  Both The Head and The Heart as well as Vampire Weekend were amazing!  I had never been to a show at the Paramount that was general admission and I have been to a lot of shows there.  It was so great to get to stand up and dance and shake my booty the whole time. 
These guys are fabulous!  Plus Charity plays the violin and y'all know how I play/dabble (in) fiddle so I like to see girl violin players, especially in roots, americana, folky-pop music.
Their CD has been playing over and over and over again in my car.  Not because I am too lazy to switch the CD but because I LOVE them.  These are the kind of songs you can belt out at the top of your lungs!  Its SOOO Good!  And my kids like it too.
And they are local!  If you listen to KEXP, like we do, then you have probably already heard of them.  Lucky You!

They have a few local shows coming up in October and November so check them out if you can.  I will be going to the November show since in October they are playing the exact same night as Breathe Owl Breathe and I have had tickets for that for a LOOOOOONG time!I wish I could add every video of every one of Head and Heart's songs here but since I cant you can go over to youtube and check them out.  They did a live in studio for KEXP and all those are super good.  Especially Ghost, which has a great few lines, "One day we'll all be ghosts, trippin around in someone elses home.  One day we'll all be ghosts, ghosts, ghosts.  One day we'll all be found, no longer lost just hanging around.  One day we'll all be found, found, found."

So I hope you have a happy little weekend!  See you back on Monday with wool pants, more bags, a look at my lovely new antique mall space, etc.
Until then, smooches,