Fedora and Slippers

Vintage yo-yo's, all sizes.

Jasper's favorite fedora was in need of a small repair.  On the back edge of the brim it was fraying and unravelling.  It would have been hard to sew and make it look good so I figured a patch was in order.  When all else fails, use a patch!

Jasper could care less if his favorite fedora is falling apart.  I had to convince him to let me have it for one evening to figure out what to do with it.  He liked the idea of a vintage yo-yo patch.

This patch seemed boyish enough and a good match/contrast to the fedora.  So work began.

The pinning.

And sewing.

And done!

While I was at it though, I remembered that Jasper had a pair of slippers that needed embellishment.  His school requires them to have slippers to wear indoors during the school day.  His were very generic looking and several other kids had the exact same pair.  So his needed to be distinguishable.  And guess what, I have a bag full of vintage yo-yo's, did I mention that!

Out of the entire bag of yo-yo's there were only two that matched.  Crazy!  And they were also boyish enough that they worked.  So now Jasper has a mended fedora and some fancy slippers.  Lucky Boy!

Here's to a lovely little fall weekend Friends!  Drink some cider, gather pumpkins, rake the leaves and enjoy the season!  See you back here Monday....