Antique Mall Space

Vintage Map Wallpaper

Last week I spent some time down at M&M Antique Mall, redoing my space.  Most of the wall was peg board and I couldn't stand what it looked liked.  I had a box of vintage maps from my Grandpa's stash and there were plenty enough to cover the walls.  The maps make a nice backdrop for all the various treasures I have for sale in my space, #23.  I forgot to take a photo with everything away from the wall but you get the idea.

Here is part of my Halloween display.  I have costumes for sale too.

I highly recommend Boarder Paste for a project like gluing old maps to walls.  It rolls on the back of the maps and then you smooth the maps against the wall and you have wallpaper!  Its pretty fantastic, quick and easy, especially when you are using paper as big as maps.  They cover up the wall fast and the border paste makes it simple to do.

All of this is for sale now!  Anything you see in these photos is fair game!  Come and get it!

I am bringing in new items almost daily.  They don't like it when I drop stuff off that isn't priced so I just bring a little at a time as I go through the massive piles in my garage.  I should have taken a picture of the stacks in the garage to show you.  As I purchased items over the summer they mostly just got piled up in the garage until I could deal with them.  I knew I was going to be doing a major reset of my space at M&M so I was reluctant to take all the garage stuff in before I had the walls redone.  Now it's game on and I almost have a clean garage!

My awesome friend Kathy helped me rearrange all the furniture in my space and she helped with merchandising all my items.  Kathy has an amazing knack for decoration and display.  I will do a feature soon of her space at the Antique Mall and make sure you check out our windows next time you stop by.  The windows are Kathy's handiwork!

See the large blue plate rack hanging on the wall?  You should have seen Kathy and I trying to get this thing lifted up while attaching it to the wall.  Comedic!  But it's done and I love it up on the wall rather than sitting on the floor.  It came from Left Bank Antiques up in Anacortes, Washington.  I love that place and I love this Portuguese plate rack but I have no room for it at home now.  Its the perfect blue!

This little blue cabinet is one I got from Kirsten many years ago.  It used to be in the kitchen of their first house.  Then I had it for a while before I ran out of room for it too. 

So space number 23 is looking pretty fabulous!  Thank you local friends who have stopped by to see what's new recently!  Mighty kind of y'all!  And I appreciate the warm feedback and comments y'all give.  Very sweet! 
I'm off for a run and to work on a top secret project for a friend's Mother Blessing!