I've gone to Typewriter Heaven

Four typewriters, right now.  4!

Gotta love a good "old-fashioned" typewriter!  We always make sure to have one around the house, in full use, most of the time.  We make our "special" lists on it.  Like our "What was so fine about 2009" list.  I needed that one to remind myself that last year was good.  And what better way to make a list than on an ol' typewriter.  The kids LOVE them.  We often have a story line going, that every one adds to, and they end up so hilarious.  I put those ones away in the scrap book.  And having a typewriter always available gives Jasper something "important" to do when I am at the computer and he needs a task. 

We had two typewriters already and then I scored 2 more this weekend on my so-called buying trip.  For me its hard to believe that there are people out there who have no clue of the value of a vintage typewriter!  I cant believe how crazy cheap they are when you find them at rummage sales and yard sales. Lucky me folks, lucky me!  So I will be bringing two down to M and M to sell and I will keep my two favorites around here so we can use them and have a back up :)

This is the Royal Signet.  This one will be for sale.  We had it around here all winter but I just found this other Royal that we will keep for a while:

This is the Royal Century.  I think its a little newer but I LOVE the blue color of it.  It's a keeper!

This blue one is a Remington.  It was made in Holland and its case was made in West Germany.  It will also be for sale at the shop.  Both of the typewriters I am taking to M and M are in great working order.  Did you know you can still buy new ink tape for these at the office supply store.  Who woulda thunk it?!

This is the other one we will keep around for a while.  Its an Olympia.  Probably the most vintage of this group.  Big, heavy, beefy.  It still has a dust cloth and dust brushes in a little case and the operating instructions.  Gotta love the completeness :) 

I find that now days people are buying these to take the keys off to use in jewelry making.  It amazes me that someone will spend $40-50 on one just to get the keys.  Also, last year my friend bought one just to use as a sedum planter!  I know!  Sounds like something I would do!  I guess if I took all the keys off and had one in really bad, unusable shape, I would plant the top and key area with sedums.  It would be darn cute!  I actually have a picture from a magazine of some such beauty.  If I can find it, I will scan it, so you can see.  And if I do that, then I will also take a photo of my ANCIENT Royal typewriter I have from my Grandma, that was her folks, so you can see how magical it is!  Its so vintage it has beveled glass panels on the sides and back of it!  Its total awesomesauce!  I gotta dig it out so you can see :)

Type on a vintage typewriter, be old school, feel cool and be awesome!  Word!