Around my Studio

above my sewing table

boxes and tins of treasure, trinkets and whatnots

a wee bit of all the rick rack, bias tape and seam binding in my collection

another corner of craft love

studio display

more in studio display

I love that I get to "work" in this space.  It makes me happy and I am a lucky girl.  Many of the items you see are an ever evolving and rotating mishmash of pieces that live here for a while and then eventually find their way to the antique mall.  Maybe I will start posting picks of the items I am taking there to sell so you can see what is moving thru.  By the end of summer I hope to have an Etsy link and sell "smalls" there, along with some of my hand/homemade goods.  Stay tuned!

Be kind, try not to yell, and when you do, go gentle on yourself.  Dance.  Sing.  Listen to B. Marley and P. Tosh.  Relax and have fun!