Do you Google Reader?

This is just a quick post to make sure you all know about Google Reader.  I kinda assume everyone does but maybe you don't.  I didn't.  For a long time.  And I wish I would have known about Google Reader.  I can't bare to think what I missed!

If you read websites regularly or, especially, if you love to browse blogs, like I do, you will want to investigate Google Reader!  I have listed every blog I love to look at in Google Reader and every day I check Google Reader and only the blogs that have posted something new will be there for me to read!  Do you get it?!  It's like getting a new magazine, every day, with only new content, no repeats! 

I think this is crazy genius!  Silly ol' technologically inept me.  Yep, I think its the bees knees and I want to tell you so!

I even have my own blog listed in there because I love to see it pop up with all the other "totally famous" blogs that I love to read and am inspired by.  Also, since these are my fav blogs, there is often content I want to share with my besties, and there are several easy ways to do that directly from each individual post. 

Do you use Google Reader?  I want to know more.  How do you use it?  What do you do with it?  I will bet you a million bucks right now that it does way more cool stuff then I even know about it.  This would be a good bet for any y'all out there to take!  I'm tellin' ya!  I wonder what else it does that would make my head spin?

Anyhow, get Google Reader if you don't already have it.  Add my blog in there too and then you don't have to come here to check on me all the time!  I'll pop right up with your favorite blogs and only when I have published a new post.  Lucky you!

Live, Laugh, Love...Make, Do, Mend.... !