Here we go....

Welcome and beware! You have entered the strange but wonderful world of Smashing Rubbish, an outlandish place where I can assure you will get to look in on random acts of collecting, altering, creating and displaying that are sure to astonish and amaze if not totally freak you out! The common layer of dust and cob webs alone might throw you into a tizzy! Come along and join me on this never ending journey of discovery as I blah, blah, blah your ear off with all that I have scored, found, bought, altered, tweaked, picked up off the ground, been given, thrifted, traded, and created. Interspersed you may find rusty yet shiny pearls of wisdom on subjects ranging from mothering two boys ages 14 and 6, to traveling and surfing, to what food I am obsessed with, to what music I have currently set on constant repeat, to how my sweet honey bees are doing, to what I am doing in the garden, to what herb I am using to cure my ills and to what book I can not put down. I will wax on till the cows come home and then some, marvelling all the while!

Smashing Rubbish is the poison I pick, my vice, if you will. Smashing = anything I deem extraordinary, impressive, wonderful, excellent, awesome, cool, badass, the bomb, sweet, groovy, hot, sexy or amazing. You get the idea. Rubbish = any old junk, treasure, trash, crap or garbage that I see potential in and is often not quite junk at all. Rubbish can include antiques, fabric, furniture, stuff other people throw away, bits and pieces of this and that, fixin's, findin's and all the whatchyamacallits I have scattered around here and discover at every turn. Some of my excellent junk, or smashing rubbish, I use to create other stuff. As stated, I will post on what I find, what I do with it, what I love, how I display all the smashing rubbish I acquire, what I have for sale, and anything I deconstruct, sew, alter, create, glue, bead, plant, Dremel, wire, and otherwise transform, which is much of the smashing rubbish I score.

Curious? Then come along and take a peek once in a while. Along the way, and for your benefit, I will attempt to amuse and inform, often gratefully rejoicing and bitterly complaining all in one breathe while sharing my latest projects, blabbering on stuff I don't know enough about, staying calm and freaking out, and hoping to help you realize that if I can do this stuff, so can you, if you choose! You are sure to, at the very least, get a good laugh and come away with a smile. In fact, beware of belly aches and your face hurting. Onward ho!