Soulodge medicine gathering ~ 

NEW MOON, AUGUST 1-5, 2016

I have two Make-to-Mend projects I will be offering at SouLodge Medicine Gathering at SouLodge Ranch in Redmond, Oregon this summer, August 1-5.  Read below for details and join us under the dark new moon during the time of early harvest, Lammas/Lughnasadh. Our movement around the Medicine Wheel will reflect the season and its qualities while we honor the energies of the New Moon ~ the phase that symbolizes the fertile darkness, and replenishing and restoring our spirits.

 image by jen gray blackburn

image by jen gray blackburn

Sacred Corn Mother Necklaces:

"Sacred Corn Mother, come to me.  Make my way sacred, fill me with Beauty, so that I may bring others Beauty."

Corn, also known as maize, has long been a sacred plant ally in many cultures, not just as food but also as medicine and as spiritual conduit. Unfortunately our modern culture has abused and disrespected Mother Maize and it’s time we rebuild our relationship with her, recalibrate how we think of her, honor and cherish her.  The Goddess of Corn (korn is an old greek word for grain) is the Grand Madre of present day civilization, cultivation as we know it, and exponential fecundity. The old world honoring of corn and grain is an ancient practice and can be seen in creation myths throughout the Americas, where to the people there, she is Corn Mother, “she who gave her life so that others may live.” Corn and grain were seen as magical and mysterious, they die and are reborn, thus the story of grain and corn is the story of humanity and nature's spiral cycle of life.  The sacred symbolism of corn speaks deeply to our human psyche, reminding us to rise from the ground, the ashes, the earth, to keep rising and rise again, from our kore = core = seed = soul, to keep shining our light, our beauty, or love.  

Together, we are going to dance with the divine and create Sacred Corn Mother Necklaces, grounding us on the land and in our circle so we may rise and rise again, walking in Beauty. Our workshop fee includes all materials including a variety of heirloom corn in various colors as well as stone (turquoise, amber, tigers eye, etc), wood, and shell beads to embellish your amulet accessory-as-medicine as you see fit. You will come away with one sacred and symbolic piece of jewelry that you can wear and/or adorn your altar with as well as skill building to know how to make more.  We will also share the Sacred Corn Mother song with you as we let our hands and hearts create our magical talismans. Filled with Beauty we will be, walking the Beauty Way, so that we may bring others Beauty.  So mote it be.  

workshop fee: $30, pay onsite day of workshop

limit: 13 participants, email jennette at to hold and commit to your space

guided by jennette and jen 

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Let it be known that we are luminous, reflective divine beings who pledge allegiance to the cycles of the Moon. We acknowledge Her as a symbol of the Goddess within, our receptive, intuitive selves, who walk the Beauty Way in curiosity and wonder. The Moon, our inner Mother, the tender loving empire of nourishing protection, rocks us, cradles us up where spirit meets bone. We are embraced by the Moon, tethered to Her Majesty, bathed in Her lightness of being, ever spiraling, circling, and persistent. She supports us holding it all: moonbeams in our mouths, stardust pouring out.

Since everything is possible, let’s Make-to-Mend some Moon Magic! I would like for us to accomplish two sacred tool tasks while we have time together. Let’s create an Accessory-as-Medicine piece, namely a handheld crescent or full moon rawhide rattle so we have that sacred ritual tool for our own personal ceremonial use. All materials and instruction will be provided to create a rattle, start to finish. If you desire to bring a few tiny personal items to include in your rattle filling mixture you are welcome to do so: tiny crystals, tiny bones, teeth, heirloom seeds, beach pebbles, dried herbs, etc. A variety of rattle filling options will also be available and included in workshop fee, fyi.
Let’s also sing to Her together. I want to share with you some songs I have long sung in service to the Moon and Goddess. When you vibrate with song and music, you shine. And singing is a self-loving way to connect, replenish and calm yourself when needed. After all, we have moonbeams in our mouths and stardust is pouring out. We walk the Beauty Way and we carry Light.

Workshop fee: $45, pay onsite day of workshop

limit: 13 participants, email me at to hold and commit to your space

guided by jennette

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